Corina Fitzgibbon

Corina Fitzgibbon is a Visual Artist and Printmaker currently residing in Co. Kildare. She obtained a BA Honours Degree in Fine Art Printmaking and Contemporary Practice from Limerick School of Art and Design.

Corina works primarily in pen, using a .05 fineliner pen to create intricate illustrations using the pointillism technique and with traditional printmaking techniques including relief printing.  

Within Corina’s practice, her works convey her own world, a world where she escapes the everyday, a world of day dreams. These artworks are created as way of documenting her visions as she travels to different areas of her own mind. A fantasy world filled with spectacular vast forests and streams, mountains and stars, gateways to the unknown and monsters. To view Corina's work in our shop, simply click here.

Gala Hutton 

Gala Hutton playfully hides his face behind his guitar.

 Gala is a local musician and artist. His popular digital prints of scenes of Carlow are very colourful and very well done. Gala has a strong sense of composition and many of his murals can be seen around Carlow.

Some of his paintings of Carlow town are based on the layout of ancient Rome.  Gala’s other collection of paintings - Unfeasible Bicycles could be described as very whimsical, a kind of fantasy, colourful but very different to his Carlow scenes. Click here to view some of Gala's work.


Michelle Urban 

Michelle Urban is a German Illustrator and Graphic Designer, based in Limerick.

She is originally from Hamburg/ Luneburg in Germany, where she lived until she finished her leaving certificate back in 2018.

After that, she did a year abroad in Edinburgh, where she worked for a family, which enabled her to do some short courses in Art and Design at the University of Edinburgh and Leith School of Art. She participated in courses such as “Expressive Watercolours”, “General Painting” and “A Visual and Sensory Response to a City”, which influenced her work until today.

Since autumn 2019, she is living in Ireland and studies Graphic Design Communication at the Limerick School of Art and Design.

Michelle works in mixed media, but primarily with watercolours. Currently, she is trying to improve her digital illustration and lettering skills. To view Michelle's work, simply click here.