The Made In Carlow art gallery is situated in the heart of Carlow Town and represents over 50 local and regional artists. 

The artworks include:

  • Mary Claire Nolan €300
  • Remy Szutran €1,500
  • Maria Martin €60
  • Pat Purcell €80 Framed
  • Elizabeth Cope €8,000

The gallery started in 2017 to provide local artists and crafts people with a place to showcase and sell their work.

The Heart of Carlow

 Our objective was to drive footfall and create a greater sense of community spirit into the centre of Carlow Town

We therefore reached the decision to open our gallery in the town centre  - Tullow Street.

Our ambition is for the "Made in Carlow" brand to be recognised and regarded as a high quality gallery.

 We constantly improve upon our services and our aim is to encourage creativity amongst the community, whilst providing artists with a space to showcase their work.

Kilkenny River Court Hotel - 6th - 15th August 2021

We have a number of artists exhibiting at the River Court Hotel including Harry Binions, Pat Purcell, Birute & Bobby McLean. 

Regional art festivals and exhibitions

The Made In Carlow Art Gallery has participated in local art festivals since 2018.

In 2019, we participated in the Wexford Opera Festival, the Kilkenny Arts Festival and the Carlow Fringe Arts Festival. 

The gallery’s vision is to have a presence at art feistvals throughout Ireland's Ancient East. Thereby providing our local and regional artists with an opportunity to showcase and sell their work.

A selection of some of the latest works in our shop

Like the collection itself, this selection of highlights will change over time. Explore it to learn more about the Made in Carlow gallery, its collection, and the artists who created the works.

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” –Pablo Picasso

Made in Carlow, brings together a unique and wonderful selection of creative and unique art.
This unique collection is sure to bring happiness to your home as you choose a creation which resonates with you.
The following is a brief selection of the most popular items sold within our shop collection.

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Highlighted Artist of the Month 

Every month we will randomly choose an artist for our highlight page. 
For April we have chosen Elizabeth Cope