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A little bit about African artists that are part of the gallery

Oladimeji Olaniyan

Oladimeji Olaniyan was born and educated in Nigeria, graduating in 1999 with a BA in Fine and Applied Art from Obafemi Awolowo University. He then worked with Joshua Akande, a prominent Nigerian artist, as studio assistant for 5 years in Lagos.

Now based in Ireland, he was recently runner-up in the Nigeria Italy Art of Friendship Art Competition.

People and environment are his focus; anything that relates both positively and negatively to society could be chosen as his subject matter with ideas centred on crowd and abstract.

Olaniyan has exhibited extensively, including locally at VISUAL, Carlow Library and Made In Carlow Gallery. Click here to see Ola's work

Oarabile Rabbie Lonana

I was born in Mahalapye, Botswana in 1983 and relocated to Selibe Phikwe Town where I started my Primary education. I pursued my secondary education at Mojamorago Junior Seconday School and Selibe Phikwe Senior Secondary School and completed my Botswana General Certificate in Secondary Education in 2001. I proceeded to Molepolole College of Education to read for a Diploma in Secondary Education doing Art as a Major and Music as minor. I worked as an Art Teacher in Metsimasweu CJSS at Serowe village and Mabogo CJSS at Palapye village. I had an opportunity to be engaged by Botswana Examinations Council as an Art Marker for all final exams papers and adjudicated at Botswana President Day awards at Serowe museum. I resourced Home Economics Teachers of Serowe cluster on Crafts methods. I participated in reviewing Botswana Junior Certificate Art Curriculum. I was also a member of Thapong Visual Art Centre where I had the opportunity to exhibit my artworks on several occasions as well as the Botswana National Museum.

To a greater extent, my works depict cultural diversity with a view of reviving and promoting all cultures. It includes portraying the beauty that is found in the natural flora and fauna. My work also underscores the significance of self empowerment and employment with a view to reduce dependency on the Government. As an artist I would be failing in my duties if my works do not address emerging issues which include, but not limited to Covid 19, HIV & AIDS, Cancer, Domestic Violence, Alcohol and drug abuse just to mention a few. I'm steadfast that my works, if marketed well, can and will go a long way in passing the message of correction concerning the aforementioned emerging issues.

I am able to express myself in a wide variety of methods and media in art but I am more focused on Painting. My painting works depict a close up approach, landscape and use of rich and bright colours for attraction. Most of my works are characterised by use of visible brush strokes and emphasis of light effects. I produce realistic works and abstract in appreciation of creativity in use of art elements for aesthetics. Most of my works emphasise the use of contrast as a way of defining the centre of attraction for effective display of the message.

Agbola Adisa

Having grown up in the bustling city of Lagos in Nigeria, Agboola Adisa could relate to the daily struggle of the average man in his quest for survival amidst the cultural and economic imbalance around him. That is why he projects these to the attention of his audience through his paintings and drawings. He believes his art is a powerful means of letting the world know the needs of the people around him and the richness of their culture.

His works, which are mainly of figures and landscapes, are painstakingly represented in acrylic, oil and a touch of mixed media. His use of colour also brings to the fore how deep he understands his environment and what he decides to communicate to his audience. His themes usually reflect in the dominant colours used in his paintings.

Most of his landscapes are presented in aerial view to capture the totality of what goes on around him. He takes pleasure in detailing his figures to express the prevailing mood of the main characters, thereby creating a nostalgic channel of communication between the characters and the viewers.

Adisa is a graduate of the prestigious Ahmadu BelloUniversity, Zaria and Yaba College of Technology. He lives and works in Abuja with many of his works in private collections through the world.

Onyedikachi Onwusor

Arcana_Art born Onyedikachi Onwusor, is a Nigerian self-taught artist, currently based in Wexford, Ireland. He holds a master's degree in energy management from the Technological University Dublin. He draws inspiration from how people often overlook the simple aspects of life. His artwork combines recognized subject matter with bold colors and abstract elements, creating a unique interpretation. In addition to this style, he also creates realistic landscapes and portrays majestic big cats.​

Onyedikachi's work aims to provoke self-awakening and raise awareness of our connection with the environment. As an art enthusiast and nature lover, he continually explores captivating ways to showcase the immense potential that comes from being in harmony with nature and embracing one's true self.

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