Remy Szutran

Captivating, Carlow based, Polish artist, Remy Szutran was in 1978. He studied painting and drawing and at the young age of 13, he won the “Old Tychy in the Eyes of Children” Competition.

Remy graduated at 20, from a graphic design school and became passionate about music and DJ-ing. He moved to England in 2004 and then to Ireland in 2013, where painting became a hobby once again.

Remy recently unveiled a new body of work at the Carlow Institute of Further Education and Training, which is part of their public collection. Taking four months to complete, his imaginative signature style is heavily influenced by the work of Francis Bacon and Pablo Picasso.  

Remy's work is rich in colour, touches the imagination and speaks to the nonverbal parts of our existence.

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